Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Q8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Q8 - Essay Example Thirdly, the implementation budget generally does not contain adequate provision for funds and an impractical schedule for implementation may be set up. Unless adequate time is provided for the completion of each task, the result will be insufficient attention to detail and tasks that are completed carelessly. (Goldband, 2008). Another reason why ERP systems fail is the failure to provide staff members and employees with adequate training to handle the systems, leaving it all to the IT people. One example of such a failure is Cosworth, the race car manufacturer. This company had implemented a range of software solutions, but they did not function effectively because of the lack of integration of systems meant that information could not be easily accessed.(CIBER, 2005). In this instance, the failure was caused by the use of the wrong tools as well as a failure to train its employees and staff adequately in their use. In the case of Jada Precision Plastics, initial ERP tools were not successful, because it provided pre-packaged solutions. It was only after implementing the IQMS ERP software which allowed for data entry and manipulation that they achieved success. 2. Investment in ERP systems must be fuelled by business justification rather than technology motivation. As Goldband(2008) has pointed out, most businesses simply want to switch over from legacy systems and feel that implementing an ERP systems means that the computer technology will miraculously take care of everything. But the motivation and method in introducing an ERP system must be on the basis of the existing business processes and the needs that have been identified, so that the best ERP software can be chosen that most closely matches the existing processes. Choosing an ERP process merely on the basis of introducing technology may fail, unless the needs of the business processes are also taken

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