Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Security Of Private Information Is Becoming Suspect...

In 2013 Edward Snowden shocked the entire world by releasing documents from the NSA that exposed the illegal practice of collecting data both on American citizens and American allies without consent. Snowden’s act led him to become a fugitive hiding under Russian asylum and the rest of the world to worry about their privacy and security in an increasingly technological world. Snowden was just a symptom of the rising lawless international arena that exists in cyberspace. While technically the entire international system lacks policing, cyberspace has the unique feature of connecting every country at the click of a button, bringing citizens and industries in direct contact with each other outside of international guidelines. With an†¦show more content†¦Before explaining how to establish international cyber security and peace, it is essential to understand why cyberspace presents such a threat to national security. Adam Segal asserts that the most prominent issue of cyb erspace is the anarchy in which it exists (Cite). According to Segal, the past 60 years of international relations, known as the â€Å"nuclear age†, have been governed by a very clear set of rules, predominantly arms control and international institutions that do not apply to cyberspace. The result of an unregulated cyberspace is the emergence of cybercrime that cost over a trillion dollars a year and the stealing of private information by individuals and governments (Cybersecurity: A Global Issue). In 2015 the Washington Office of Personnel Management was the victim of a cyber attack traced back to the Chinese government that exposed the records, addresses, and personal details of over 14 million US government employees (Bremmer). Later in 2015, even following an agreement between the US and China to attempt to limit cyber security breaches between their nations US technological group Crowdstrike reported that several US pharmaceuticals were targeted by multiple Chinese indu stries (Kharpal). ISIS also has breached US security by tapping government twitter and Facebook feeds to announce an ISIS Caliphate determined to target American soldiers and domestic security (Lohrmann). ISIS has been able to find private information on the lives of countless US soldiers

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