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In tune with the infinate by Ralph Waldo trine Essay

In tune with the infinate by Ralph Waldo trine - Essay Example Some have done it subconsciously and achieved this state of being while some have achieved this through reading of scriptures written by people who have done it and have been able to achieve it through discipline (Waldo, 2007). This article tries to analyze the view of one author of a book that enumerates steps that a human being can follow to achieve this state of being while I investigate these views and offer my personal take on the steps that this author gives. In his book, â€Å"In Tune with the Infinite Self†, Ralf Waldo is trying to point out the steps on can take to be able to be a complete human being. He starts by offering that there is a golden thread in all human beings that when a human being discovers it, it will change the person`s life forever. However, this golden thread can only be realized by those who reach for it; those who are willing to trade their weakness and suffering for strength and health, their pain for peace and calmness, and their poverty for fu llness. Waldo looks at this state as the state of being in oneness and in tune with the inner self or the part of oneself that cannot be seen because according to him, everything starts from the unseen before it becomes seen and it is the unseen that controls the seen and thus getting to know the unseen is what every human should aspire to know. To achieve this the Waldo has highlighted the following aspects: Human beings should understand the: 1. Supreme facts of the Universe. 2. Supreme facts of Human life. 3. Fullness of life i.e health and vigor. 4. Secret, power, and effect of love 5. Wisdom of interior illumination 6. Realization of perfect peace. 7. Coming into fullness of power. 8. Laws of prosperity 9. Ways that men have followed to become prophets, seers, and saviors. 10. Basic principle of all religion In so doing, a person will be able to enter into full realization of lasting riches. Most of these things are visibly clear from a human point of view and it takes a step b y step self discovery to realize and understand the next level. The writer says that everything is right but what differentiates these things are the different points of views that we as human beings have, it is however worth noting that if all human beings achieve this state of being in touch with the inner self, the point of view will be one; what the writer calls â€Å"oneness† (Waldo, 2007). One example he gives is that of optimism and pessimism, according to Waldo, both a pessimist and an optimist are right in their own sense with the difference being that a pessimist`s point of view is dimmed by ignorance while an optimist view is illuminated by wisdom. To start understanding one self, Waldo advises that an individual should first understand the supreme fact of the Universe; that there is an infinite source of life and all things be it spirit, wisdom, hope, to mention but a few. According to him, there is only one source of all this and that source is God. Being certain that some would disagree with this opinion, Waldo says that to him God is a name that can take different forms like the â€Å"provider†, the â€Å"omnipresent† for the believers and thus even the non-believers would agree that there is someone in their own understanding that provides for them but they chose to have a different name for that someone (Waldo, 2007). On human beings understanding

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